Overclockers UK: Award-Winning Custom PCs

Overclockers UK: Award-Winning Custom PCs

Build your ideal Computer utilizing the OcUK Tech Labs PC Configurator. Personalized to fulfill your specs, put together with accuracy by our designers, and going to offer unbeatable performance—our custom PCs are built to deliver more power, more dependability, and much more value for cash than just about virtually any maker. That’s why we’re the very first choice for thousands and thousands of clients through the British and European countries. No matter whether you need to purchase a custom desktop pc, a concise mini PC, an effective HTPC with a vintage design, or even the ultimate customized video video gaming PC, OcUK Tech Labs may be the no. 1 Computer builder in britain.

Selecting Your Base Device

To begin with together with your customized PC from OcUK Tech laboratories, pick the base of one’s build. Whether you’re trying to revolutionize your video video video gaming experience, or run powerful development pc pc software, our dependable builds supply the perfect base. Consult the list below and see which item is suitable for you:

H110 and H270/B250 Kabylake Residence & Workplace

An build that is entry-level domiciles and tiny workplaces; the H110 & H170/B150 Skylake & Kabylake PCs were created as a kick off point for everyone looking for a custom PC that combines functionality and price. Pick from an array of dependable, brand title components and extras that assistance you make your dream build that is custom without breaking the lender. What’s more, the Fast Track techniques option implies that you’ll receive your develop in a choice of 2 or 4 times.

AMD APU Micro & AMD FX Midi

Our entry-level PC create for gamers, the AMD APU Micro & AMD FX Midi function NVIDIA GeForce or AMD Radeon layouts cards to boost your video video gaming experience. Put into this, the AMD APUs offer an incredible value 1080p platform for anyone willing to simply just take their game play towards the level that is next. Continue reading “Overclockers UK: Award-Winning Custom PCs”